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Cohutta Fishing Company
« on: February 14, 2017, 08:13:46 AM »
Cohutta Fishing Company is a top of the line fly fishing store in Cartersville, Georgia.  It is easily accessed from I-75 north of Marietta, GA.  Take the Main Street Exit at Cartersville and head west into town.  It is then an easy 10 minute drive to "39 S Public Square, Cartersville, GA 30120."

The Company is thriving in a time of "brick and mortar" closures.  I visit the store whenever I'm in the north Atlanta area, which currently, is pretty regular dealing with an aging parent.  I'm convinced much of their success has been a promotion of "warm water" fishing, primarily on their signature water, the Etowah River below Lake Allatoona.  The Etowah supports a variety of species and any given day your catch might include spotted bass, redeye bass, largemouth, stripers and a variety of panfish.  The Company provides guided trips on public and private water and ventures to exotic places for such species as rooster fish and regularly for redfish in south Louisiana.

Their staff is quite knowledgable is all aspects of warm and cold water applications and will make any warm water fly fisher welcome and comfortable.  I was in their store yesterday purchasing a new reel and sinking line for my 9 wt. preparing for my striper trip in June.  I believe Catch was at the Atlanta Fly Fishing deal recently and may have visited their booth and maybe heard Garner Reid's presentation on the Etowah River.