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March Brown Preparation Checklist
« on: August 27, 2017, 12:13:01 PM »
For those members of KFF going up for our annual "March Brown" trip to the Little Missouri in March, here's a checklist of items to bring.  Some are optional.  Others like "yourself", are not optional!

- Fishing License.  In addition to an Arkansas basic license, you'll need the annual non-resident trout permit. 
- Fly rods. Suggested 2wt - 5wt, 5wt most common.  Bring at least 2 rods.
- Fly reels.
- Fly vest. Snippers, fine pliers, other accessories.
- Leader material. The tippet (end of leader) recommend 4x - 6x  depending on size flies you'll use.   
- Flies: size 10 or 12 olive and black woolybuggers, Lil Mo Wooly (, SR71 Woolybugger (, size 12 Adams to imitate March Brown mayflies, size 16-18 mayflies to imitate smaller mayflies, size 14-16 elk hair caddis, A&W emergers (, size 14-16 pheasant tails nymphs, hare's ear nymphs.
- Strike indicators. For nymphs or even woolybuggers.   
- Hat. Preferably quick-dry long-brimmed or wide-brimmed with strap
- Shirts, shorts or pants that quick-dry (nylon or polyester)
- Thermal underwear for layer warmth
- Rain jacket.
- Waders and wading boots (recommend breathable)
- Wading staff (strongly advised if fishing 'Buttbuster Shoal')
- Sunglasses, polarized (amber, yellow best for early am, late pm)
- Net
- Fishing glove (to protect stripping finger)

Comfort items
- Sunscreen. Suggest minimum 30 SPF waterproof
- Clogs or crocs. For after the waders come off
- Small ice chest. For drinks or to keep a few fish to bring home (limit is four)
- Gatorade, Powerade, bottled water to avoid dehydration
- Toiletries
- Medical / health kit for emergency need
- Cell phone
- GPS / maps.   
- Fly tying bag (don't bring the whole caboodle, just what you need)
- Portable chair
- Cash for breakfast, dinner, snacks, needed supplies