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Back on the Flint.
« on: August 20, 2017, 09:48:26 AM »
I invited a friend from south Louisiana to join me for a couple days fishing the Flint for shoal bass.  He accepted and we met up in LaGrange, Ga two weeks ago.  Kent Edmonds picked us up early the next morning and led us to a new area on the Flint that he had recently obtained access to.  After parking my truck at the end of pavement, we joined him in his jeep for the next mile or so down, up and sideways on single lane, clay hunting roads, finally ending at stream side.  Kent and Joe gearing up.

Our first good look at the Flint.

The shoals here are expansive, deep and demand respect while poking around in them.  My previous trips had all been on more docile water and I was somewhat intimidated at first look. 

Lots of heavy water here.

We began chugging poppers fast across the deeper shoals.  A few bass took a whack but I spooked considerable more floundering around in thigh deep water working hard at staying upright.  Kent led Joe across the river to a slower area and soon had Joe into fish.  Joe enjoyed a couple dunkin's along the way with the only damage to his ego. 

I worked my way upstream where a small island split off a slough to the right that looked promising.

The area held plenty bass and redbreast sunfish that were receptive to my presentations.  I spooked some large bass and had several follows by dandies, but the bass I caught were average.  Shoal bass are aggressive and pugnacious.  This small, beautifully marked specimen certainly had those qualities.

Joe with a nice shoal bass.

An afternoon thunderstorm rolled in and we scrambled to get off the river.  In my haste I hung a toe under a slanting rock, went down and enjoyed a good dunkin'. The ride out in the rain was quite entertaining on the wet, red clay woods roads.  But, that's another story altogether.  :)